Born in Spokane, Washington, on March 17th, 1953, as Michael Patrick Shanks, to Richard and Patricia (Prudhomme) Shanks. In 1956, his family including, his older brother Richard Jr., and his older sister Susan, returned to the Seattle area after their father completed Law school at Gonzaga University.

Commonly known as ‘Mike” Shanks, Mike would become the third eldest of twelve siblings. During his adolescence, Mike excelled at most sports, including track, football, and basketball.

After completing High School, in 1971, Mike attended college, but found a niche’ doing physical labor, and displayed a passion for traveling.

Mike was known at times, to cash a pay check, put out a thumb, and head east across America, and returning home, months later ripe with ‘new stories’ concerning his adventures.

It was at this time, Mike became an American Civil War enthusiast.

In the summer of 1979, Mike began Northend Movers, a company specializing in local household moving services. As the years passed, his simple two-man company began to grow.

In 1985, Mike changed his company name to Mike the Mover.

In 1988, Mike ran as a candidate for Lt. Governor.

On January 10th, 1990, Mike changed his legal name to Mike the Mover, and appeared on the State ballot as Mike the Mover.

In 1994, Mike acquired the national ‘trademark as “MIKE THE MOVER”, while spending the summer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

As the years passed, Mike continued to run for public office. As a result, his moving business rapidly expanded, allowing for more time for his ritual travels going east.

Since 1988, Mike has been on the State ballot 17 times in twenty-four years.

At the age of 58, Mike is currently beginning his thirty-third year of business, and still works on a truck, on a daily basis.

Mike is not married, has no known off-spring, and was last seen driving east.

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