Packing Supplies & Materials

The following recommended boxes & supplies are industry approved.

  • Small Box – 1.3 cubic feet (12″x12″x16″)
    Common use – book box, magazines, canned goods, dishes, glassware, tools and other heavy items
    Cost $2.25
  • Medium Box – 3.00 cubic feet (16″x18″x18″)
    Common use – pots and pans, Tupperware, small appliances, clothing, linen, hobby & craft items
    Note: This is NOT a book box
    Cost $3.25
  • Large Box – 4.5 cubic feet (18″x18″x24″)
    Common use – smaller boxes and loose items, kid’s toys, bulk items, garage accessories and garden supplies
    Note: This is NOT a book box
    Cost $3.75
  • Wardrobe Box – 11.9 cubic feet (19″x24″x45″)
    Common use – shoes, belts, purses and hand bags fill the bottom, while hanging clothes are tendered upon a hanging bar.
    Note: Wardrobe boxes are available on a loaner basis the day of your move
    Cost $16.00
  • Large plastic garbage bags
    Common use – bedding, pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, linen, laundry, or anything that is soft, loose and pliable
    Average cost $0.50
  • Packing paper – sterile newsprint $2.00 per pound
  • Tape – 2″ plastic $2.00 per roll
  • Picture and glass boxes
    • Large (4″x40″x60″) $8.00
    • Medium(4″x30″x40″)$6.00
    • Note: Each box will hold up to 2-3 prints

Labeling your boxes

Please label your boxes on the sides of the boxes as “top” labeling is not visible when boxes are stacked. For a complete inventory of your boxed goods, you may wish to numerically label your boxes. Easy room markings:

  • LR = Living Room
  • DR = Dining Room
  • K = Kitchen
  • FM = Family Room
  • MB = Master Bedroom
  • D = Den
  • O = Office
  • U = Utility Room
  • B = Basement
  • G = Garage

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