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For the past thirty years, it has been my intention to provide a quality moving service at a reasonable cost to the consumer. Accordingly, I have separated the essential elements of the costs of moving into three categories in order to help you understand the nature of the “household goods” moving industry.

  1. Materials:We can provide industry approved moving boxes at wholesale cost for your move. The average household cost for variety of materials is approximately $150.00 to $500.00, while small homes, apartments and studios vary greatly.
    • NOTE: proper preparation insures a damage free move and takes less time to transfer. In the event that you elect to use liquor store boxes or “market” boxes, your move may take additional time and cost more due to carton failure.
  2. Packing/labor to fill the boxes:An average home may take between 20-40 hours to properly pack professionally. Average cost, $600 to $2,000.00. I encourage you to perform this task yourself, and I will provide instructional tips to assist you.
    • NOTE: We do not insure damage due to improperly packed boxes that you have packed. Additionally, all boxes must be labeled. (i.e. Fragile, glass, and area or room to be placed at new location)
  3. Transfer of your cargo:This part is what you should have Mike The Mover® perform for you. We will provide a truck and crew to move the transfer your cargo, charging you a reasonable rate, billed in quarter hour increments. Save even more money by transferring delicate items in your own vehicle since it saves billable time and the cost of materials. All furniture that we move or transfer and all boxes that we pack are fully insured (i.e. repair, replacement, or cash value.
    • NOTE: If you are renting a truck, we will be happy to professionally load or unload your truck for you. Same insurance rules apply as mentioned above.

However, if the cost of your move is not an issue, we can perform the entire process for you, fully guaranteed. But remember, the clock is ticking and your cost will triple or quadruple depending on the size of your residence and quantity of your personal belongings.

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